Listen Again - 2009

New Ballads of Reading Jail

A four part series broadcast on BBC Radio Berkshire


The Ballads of Reading Jail are being transformed into songs. On Radio Berkshire's Breakfast Show Andrew Peach talks to Jon Potter and some of the song writers.

01. Simon - One Day I'll Be Back (by James Ewers)

02. Peter - The Day I Got Stuck (by Ben Marwood)

03. Andy - Charlie Finn (by James Ewers)

04. James - Valentines Day (by Steven Hiscock & Jasmine Nelson)

05. My Mum (w Amy)

BBC Radio Berkshire: Ballads of Reading Jail Special 51 Mins

BBC Radio 4 'Pick of the Week' 2 Mins 30 Secs

Show 1 - 31 Mins
Oscar Wilde's 'Ballad of Reading Gaol' as read by Radio Berks listeners. Performance Poet John Hegley, and participants in the Ballad of Reading Jail project join Andrew Peach, sharing their stories and performing their work, together with an Officer from Reading Probation Service, Reading Probation Service, and Jon Potter, Company Paradiso.

Show 2 - 29 Mins
Young people from Reading share their experiences of losing friends and grief. Set in the context of a recent fatal stabbing in Reading, they share their stories in rap and poetry. With Sue Sherrard, Reading Youth Offending Service, and Jon Potter.

Show 3 - 24 Mins
Fathers and Sons. Much writing in prison reflects a desire to communicate with family and loved ones. Andrew Peach hears a young man's story of his estranged relationship with his son, and welcomes a participant who sings a ballad to his girlfriend. With Tim Turnbull, Writer in Residence at Edinburgh Prison, and Jon Potter.

Show 4 - 38 Mins
Poems and songs about England, for St George’s Day. John Hegley returns, to sing more prison ballads, and read his own lines written during the project. Plus a ballad from the prison called 'Stand and Fight' sung by Thames Valley Male Voice Chorus.