Listen Again - 2013

Make a Change Week

7th - 11th October 2013, 5 radio broadcasts on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey with Danny Pike.
A week of tips for wellbeing, stories of transformation, expert guests and calls from listeners.


Monday 40 mins - What makes you happy?
Make a Change Week: On Monday, we ask what makes us happy? How can we be more content?

Tuesday 42 mins - Change at your lowest ebb
Make a Change Week: We're asking why change often happens when you're at your lowest ebb.

Wednesday 40 mins - Taking time out
Make a Change Week: How taking time out of the hectic world can calm your mind.

Thursday 40 mins - Passion and creativity
Make a Change Week: Why passion and using your creativity can bring a sense of wellbeing.

Friday 41 mins - What experts say
Make a Change Week: What the experts say - plus good advice, all week long.

Pick of the Week (Radio 4) 6 mins - 'Thank You Mix'
Our 'Thank You Mix' from Monday's show was included on Radio 4's Pick of the Week for Sunday 13th October 2013.