Listen Again - 2012

Mad Girl


Fifteen year old Rose hears voices. Mostly she gets along with them ok, but when her real Dad turns up out of the blue to take her away for the weekend, things get completely out of control. This radio 4 drama is created by Company Paradiso and Phil Gladwin, written by Phil Gladwin and directed by Mary Peate. It has sprung out of a project that listened to people with mental health issues, and in this case people who hear voices.



The Homeless Hearts Club

8th - 11th May 2012, 4 radio broadcasts on BBC Radio Berkshire Breakfast Show with Andrew Peach, listening to homeless people and young people living independently in Slough.


Tuesday 32 mins - An invitation to drop in to a very special club, with musicians, writers and raconteurs, at Serena Hall in Slough. The one thing those taking part have in common - they are homeless. This is the Homeless Hearts Club. Our collaborator Jamie Green, SWIPE Music, explains more.

Wednesday 38 mins - A look at preconceptions about those who are homeless, including an interview with David MacIsaac who went on to become a JP, a local councillor and then Mayor of Slough. With an extraordinary conversation between Robert Kennedy and Reverend Louise Brown about their meeting at Dedsworth Church.

Thursday 33 mins - Moving stories of addiction and rehabilitation with contributions from Robert Layman, Day Centre Manager at Serena Hall and Jon Potter, Project Director for Company Paradiso. The number of people visiting SHOC in the last year has trippled - is this a more general trend, and what can be done, with Jack Dromey, Shadow Housing Minister.

Friday 34 mins - A selection of letters and comments from a writing group at Serena Hall and The Foyer in Slough. Professor Nick Troop, Principal Lecturer in Health Psychology at University of Hertfordshire talks about the health benefits of writing. Sports Reporter Ade Williams joins the Serena Hall football team for a match. Ross Wilson and his dad Peter discuss Ross's psychosis and homelessness. And a review of the week, with highlights.

Interview with Brighton and Hove Community Radio
53 mins