Listen Again - 2010

Warning: May Contain Nuts

Week of 24th May 2010, Andrew Peach's Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Berkshire. These broadcasts were the culmination of a creative writing and performance project run by Company Paradiso with BBC Radio Berkshire, featuring people who use mental health services


Monday Andrew Peach is joined by project co-ordinator Polly Falconer and performance poet John Hegley to feature some of the acts from the live performance night and discuss how there came to be so much comedy in the project.

Tuesday A morning focussing on honest experiences and dilemmas of living with bi-polar. With a song written by Laurie Sharlinski and sung by Reading band 'Amy's Ghost'.

Wednesday Today we look at psychiatric care, with experiences from Prospect Park Hospital in Reading. Also featuring Seaneen Molloy, well-known blogger at

Thursday How mental health issues affect the friends and family of those involved, with Ross Wilson and his Dad Peter, plus information on Mental Health First Aid.

Friday Andrew Peach reflects on the week with Polly Falconer. Plus more poems by John Hegley and views from Phillipa Slinger, Chief Executive of the Berkshire Mental Health Trust.

Legsy Gets a Break 2010

Legsy Gets a Break was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as an afternoon play on Monday 15th February 2010 at 2.15pm


Legsy Gets a Break By Phil Gladwin. Seventeen-year-old Legsy, recently out of the care system, is on a quest to find the brother he was separated from as a child. And when he finds him, Legsy must decide whether to follow his brother into a life of escalating crime or to try and break free.