Listen Again - 2014

The Generation Game

A collection of audio relating to our project 'The Generation Game'


Monday 10/11/2014 36 mins - with Neil Pringle, Alison Ferns and John Hegley
Children discuss their grandparents and John Hegley shares his memories of his grandmother.

Tuesday 11/11/2014 40 mins - with Danny Pike, Jon Potter, Alison Ferns and Sarah Gorall
Grandparents are taught to text by their grandchildren, and different generations share how they interact.

Wednesday 12/11/2014 37 mins - with Danny Pike, Neil Pringle and Alison Ferns with comedians Lynn Ruth Miller and Lulu Baker
Young people react to a Ken Dodd performance and then take their grans to a Krater Comedy night in Brighton.

Thursday 13/11/2014 25 mins - with Danny Pike and Allison Ferns
Young people explore the art of letter writing, and we talk to a 40 year old about what it was like becoming a grandmother.

Friday 14/11/2014 34 mins
Highlights of the week and a collection of special interviews between the generations.

Saturday 15/11/2014 5 mins - with Mark Carter
Highlights of the week and background to the project.




Warning: May Contain Nuts! 2014

A collection of audio relating to our 3rd incarnation of Warning: May Contain Nuts!


Tuesday 07/10/2014 6 mins - Warning: May Contain Nuts! 2014 - BBC Sussex Interview
BBC Sussex presenter Danny Pike interviews Suzi Oddball and Simon Munnery about our show Warning: May Contain Nuts 2014